eVoucher.mobi is a free spending solution for anyone and everyone.

eVoucher.mobi is a free spending account (eWallet) on your cell phone. Use it to buy airtime, send spending money to anyone or spend at any registered merchant (the stores you visit every day). Creating an eVoucher.mobi account happens instantaneously when you first load or receive funds into your account, no registration required. Having an account does not cost you anything, nor does spending or transferring funds and vouchers.

eVoucher.mobi is an ideal solution to replace your physical wallet. eVoucher.mobi replaces the risk of carrying around cash and the costs association with having a bank account and or credit card. Use it to pay for your day to day expenses at retail stores, a restaurants and take away or buy online, safely and securely. Direct the funds you send to others by sending them categorised spending vouchers such as a food voucher, accommodation voucher, school or tuck shop voucher.


For business, eVoucher.mobi acts as a ‘pay as you go’ payment solution, assuring availability of funds prior to transacting and releasing goods and or services. eVoucher.mobi can replace any cash or card payment, minimising associated costs and risks. Set-up as a voucher distribution solution, eVoucher.mobi provides you the ability to distribute vouchers to customers free of charge in real time.

Considering the reach and functionality of eVoucher.mobi for a business, it is an ideal solution to optimise cash and payment management (including the refund of payments). eVoucher.mobi replaces outdated people and paper controls (administrative, costly and time consuming) with integrated real-time transaction controls (automated, economical and immediate), eliminates the risk, administration and cost of cash handling.

eVoucher.mobi is the future. We enable a SHARED ECONOMY. With anyone and everyone becoming a merchant on a single platform, we manage and record all transactions allowing you to contribute and benefit from a shared economy.

There’s no need to carry cash. Simply replace your wallet with an eWallet, and take only your phone with you!

Quick Overview for You

eVoucher.mobi is your free and secure wallet on your phone. No transactional fees, no minimum balance. Whatever you put into your wallet, you can spend. Manage your money by budgeting your monthly spend on airtime, electricity, food, transport and more by converting your cash into specific voucher types. Keep some cash in our universal eVoucher for any ad hoc spend requirements. Do the same for your children, your domestic workers and teach them how to manage their money.

Open your account by transferring funds into our ABSA account; 4089070713 using your cellphone number as reference (e.g. 0825551234). You can also visit any Shoprite, USave or Checkers store and load funds using your reference number being 228 and your cellphone number (e.g.2280825551234).

Access your account by logging into trade.evoucher.mobi using your cell number as username and the password we sent you. Use any phone, tablet or PC. Losing your phone does not mean you lose your money.

Spend at any participating merchants by providing them with your 13-digit voucher number.

Transfer a value to anyone with a cell phone number, free of charge.

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Quick Overview for Business

Registering with eVoucher.mobi as a merchant enables you to accept eVouchers as tender for the supply of goods and services. Free value distribution to your customer as a reward, loyalty or campaign. Increase your revenue, reduce cash administration and risk, eliminate distribution cost. No costs to distribute rewards or vouchers to your customers as part of marketing campaign. Attract customers to your business. You control the value and voucher type.

Open your account by registering on www.evoucher.mobi as a Merchant. We will create your wallet and set you up on our platform, enabling you to accept vouchers and distribute funds to Users.

Access your account by logging into trade.evoucher.mobi using your merchant name as username and the password we emailed to you. Use any phone, tablet or PC to access the platform. Losing your phone does not mean losing your wallet. 3 different default roles are admin, supervisor and sales.

Receive payment from a User when they provide you with their 13-digit voucher number.

Money-out, use the value in your wallet to spend at participating merchants or we will EFT your funds to you.

Distribute value to consumers’ cellphone numbers with a specific voucher type to spend with you only. This can be used for rewards, marketing campaigns, insurance pay outs or grants.

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