Touchstone Enterprise Services (Pty) Ltd

We own and operate, a cashless payment solution for individuals and businesses alike. enables individuals and businesses to load funds, disburse or transfer vouchers and or spend at registered merchants. Set up as a voucher distribution solution, an account is automatically opened for an individual when a voucher is received, no registration required. is developed using Celbux software which is hosted in Google Cloud allowing a person or business to access his account using the web, a smartphone or via USSD on a feature phone, for purposes of transacting cashless.

so imagine a world where….

  • every mobile user has a free spending account, every account is instantly created at no cost, no transactional charges exist. Your money is always available from anywhere, and

  • anyone can be a merchant and accept payment from everyone, anywhere

Touchstone has created a free spending and voucher distribution solution.

Anyone with a cell can own their own free account in which they can fund and spend at our broad range of registered merchants. Send money to anyone, conveniently and at no cost, direct the sent money to ensure your beneficiary uses the funds for its intended purpose.

Any business can now send vouchers to potential/ customers for free, increasing revenue in store.