Registering as a merchant to accept vouchers as tender for goods and services is only one of the benefits of the solution for you.

At no extra cost, enables you to issue rewards to customers for certain behaviours, increase customer loyalty for spending with you, distribute value to customers through marketing campaigns, drawing them to your business, activate a new store or product.

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Accepting payment using

  • Being registered as a merchant with qualifies you to share in the spend of one or many communities using
  • Registration¬†is free with no monthly charges. You only pay commission on spend.
  • Our solution is integrated with many of the shelf POS systems. Alternatively, you can accept vouchers using any connected phone, tablet or PC.

Marketing Campaigns:

  • A successful marketing campaign is now as simple as sending pre-funded vouchers to customers.
  • With you can send vouchers to customers of a nominal value which they can only spend with you, which ultimately increases revenue for your business.
  • Now there is no need to print an advertisement or discount voucher or buy physical cards to load money on.
  • Return on investment is measured through reporting on voucher redemption.

Rewards or Loyalty:

  • Issue value to a customer in real-time for buying a specific item or service.
  • Customers receive an SMS confirming the receipt of their reward, whilst they are still at your pay-point.
  • Loyalry cash back based on a percentage of customer spend, can be locket into a voucher and instantly sent to your customers for future spend.
  • Now there is no need for customers to carry around cards with stamps on them or swipe a second card.