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A single cashless solution for funeral policy pay-outs benefiting administrators, funeral directors and beneficiaries.

With benefits are distributed directly to beneficiaries’ cell phone numbers (no need for a bank account) in specific voucher types directing spend to a specific category such as food or fuel, or a specific business such as a Funeral Director.

A benefit such as a food voucher can therefore be distributed to a number of people.

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  • Reduce the number of individual pay-outs, and save on administration or cash payment fees.
  • Automated distribution allows for a single payment, resulting into multiple beneficiary payments.
  • No system use or distribution cost.
  • Accurate reporting of distribution and redemption.
  • Possibility to enhance funeral policy value proposition by increasing benefit types.
    • Allow for multiple beneficiaries on one single policy.
    • Allow for multiple benefit types on policies like food, airtime, legal etc.
  • No new infrastructure required.

Funeral Directors/Other Service Providers:

  • Simplify administration, with no need to manage cash distribution.
  • Save on cash administration and cash handling fees.
  • No monthly fees – low commission.
  • No new infrastructure required.
  • Directed spend, and increased share of policy value.

Beneficiaries/Policy Holder Benefits:

  • Receive policy benefit value on your phone, there is no need to visit the Funeral Director or Administrator.
  • No need to open a bank account.
  • Multiple beneficiaries on single policy pay-out.
  • Solution works with any mobile phone via USSD or Web.
  • No transactional fees to pay or send vouchers.
  • Empowered to choose when to spend what, and at which business.
  • Empowered to manage spending according to funeral budget.