No more cash, just tap and pay!!
Pay @ School using offers a cashless solution for Parents, Learners and Schools.

No more rushing and scratching around for cash before school, no more worrying about loosing cash or wondering what it will be spent on. With a free account, your money is available instantly, always.

Working specifically with schools and universities, we  simplify cash management. While you manage your account online, your child spend by just – tap and pay.

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  • An easy, convenient, cash-free payment and receipting option for school fees, tuck shops, tours and project payments.
  • Save on banking, cash and security fees.
  • Leads to a safer school environment with less cash on premises.
  • It is free to implement at your school with no infrastructure investment or monthly fees.
  • Earn income from local participating businesses and retailers when parents spend with them.


  • Load money onto your account and instantly allocate funds to your child’s tag, enabling him/ her to safely and conveniently tap and pay at school.
  • The online platform allows you to load and send value to anyone (send to your high school child to manage their own money.
  • It is safe and secure, eliminating the risk of cash being lost or stolen.
  • There is no cost (or effort) to sign up, buy, transfer or spend.
  • One solution for all school related payments as well as general monthly spend.
  • Use at any participating school.

How easy is it really? Check out our video Cashless Schools – How To


  • Eliminate the risk of losing your cash or card.
  • Easy to use.
  • Spend at any participating school, tuck shop, local business or retail outlet.
  • Share your money and transfer eVouchers to friends for free.
  • Instantly receive eVouchers from your parents on your cell phone or tablet.
  • Learn and practice the principles of managing your own money.

Tuck shops:

  • is an easy, convenient, cash-free payment and receipting option with a built-in loyalty platform.
  • Seamless POS integration: No new or specific infrastructure required.
  • Increase customer spend by your local school referring parents and children to your business.
  • Market campaign voucher distribution to customers with detailed redemption reports.
  • Reduce cash on hand.
  • Real-time transacting.